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ESTA Application by eVisa Specialists


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ESTA Information

A US travel authorization, or “ESTA” as the term is frequently referred to as, is a type of eVisa that the US government introduced in 2008. The idea was to replace the green Form I-94W with an online system which requested the same information electronically. Over 30 countries now require eVisas for visitors to enter for tourism or business related reasons. A US travel authorization can only be applied for online, either through the official government portal or through a third party like our website. We specialize in reviewing and processing US travel authorizations. We can also help you with any questions related to your upcoming visit to the United States. The application process consists of only 4 steps. Upon submission through our website, we will review and process your application. The ESTA or eVisa will be emailed to you in PDF format.

As a private company we charge a fee for our review and processing service of USD $88.00 per application. This fee includes the mandatory charge by the US Government of USD $14.00. All applicants have the option of using another third party provider or apply directly with the US government by visiting: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov without our assistance.


ESTA Application in 4 Easy Steps


The application for a US travel authorization consists of 4 steps where information about the traveler is requested. No hotel or flight bookings need to be made in advance. On the contrary, it is recommended to apply for an ESTA before any bookings are made to ensure that the travel authorization is approved.




Advantages of Our Processing Services

Our website and processing services are privately owned and operated. We specialize in submitting applications to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Our experience and knowledge is used to resolve potential issues with the application before it is lodged on the official government website. We offer a full refund for any denied applications. We look forward to assisting you obtain an approved US travel authorization.

Multilingual Website

Multilingual Website

Apply for ESTA in your language. All help sections are provided in the native language.

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Secure Website

Secure ESTA Submission

All pages within our domain protected by 256-bit SSL certificate encryption making your communication with us secure and safe.

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

All Major Payment Cards Accepted

We accept debit and credit cards from all the major brands in including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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24 Hours Customer Service

24 Hours Customer Service

Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will endeavor to respond within one business day.

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Legal Disclaimer:
ESTAApplication.com is owned by a private company which specializes in eVisas and the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. We offer a comprehensive review and submission service of US travel authorizations. Our services are offered for an additional processing fee which includes the official government charge for the eVisa. All visitors have the option of lodging their own application directly on the Government website without our assistance and processing services.

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